The Unquantification of All Things

The Unquantification of All Things

Wine was made from water
Gallons, litres, what measurement
Counts miracle wine?

Taste it!
Swirl and catch the light
Swish it around your mouth
Suck in air, breath through its quality
Drink deep his glory,
The Uncountable Word

Alpha and Omega
Was and With Of God
Lamb for Sin
life for a friend
silence for an answer
emptiness for a grave
Son for a world

An Hour is coming, and is Now
The Word whispers to a thirsty woman

Numbers counted for nothing
Until they counted for grace
In that moment,
At that extent, Behold!
All things, every numbered one
All became gratuitous
Enumerating praise

In that Day
As love conquers war
Quantity has a quality
All its own.

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