The Way In

An encounter between our hero and a stranger on a hilltop. 

An observatory, the creaking sounds of telescopes moving in the dark, the white domes the only things visible in the pine forest. Creeping in along the road past the locked gate, no cars allowed – light pollution.

The door-keeper to the other world, an astronomer

“When you look up, what do you see?”

“Black, some stars, the moon sometimes”

“Not stars, worlds.” 

That was how he came to learn the constellations, to begin helping the astronomers with the telescopes 

Do you believe that we live in a disenchanted world? The light pollution in the cities means we never look up and out into the Universe, we never see world upon world. 
In which our hero travels to the country

That was how we came to have the first sight – the smell of the grass expiring in the evening, the warm, dry summer grass – the white blue of the day still lingering at the edges of the sky, but at the zenith, the dome polished clear and black-blue, a window for gazing out at the Universe over a bed of golden grass.

The giant full-moon – the ship sailing up the valley

How he came to be in the paddock in the dusk – his parents
How do they sail? How are they undetected? They sail in and out of Faere. 

How does he first come to be taken aboard?
What are his adventures?

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