Wright on the Road

I was in Sydney last night for an AFES board meeting. I had a great time while there, caught up with Con Campbell at Moore College and my parents, brother and sister (completely accidentally). One of the highlights of the trip however, was the drive up and back. I listened to a series of talks by Tom Wright that I downloaded from the internet. I think he gave these talks a couple of years ago in the U.S. at a conference for University Academics and Staff. The theme was ‘Jesus’. I found them brilliant and challenging. I hesitate to recommend people engage with Wright unless they’ve spent plenty of time in the Bible because much of what he says challenges traditional understandings of Christianity and needs to be seriously and critically thought through. However, I found in these talks that I was forced to rethink and reencounter Jesus and I think if you’re prepared for serious work and prayerful study then more of us need to think these thoughts together. NB, I don’t always agree with Wright.
Jesus and the Kingdom
Jesus and the Cross
Jesus and God
Jesus and the World’s True Light

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