What's going on...

What’s been going on with us?

Emma finished up at her old work place and is having a few days holiday. She starts work at the Anglican Diocesan Secretariat on Monday. It a great blessing for her to be out of that old work place, she was being forced to put in excessive hours and the atmosphere was really unpleasant. We’re hoping that the fact that she has left and been able to express some of her concerns will help to turn it around for the next person in the job.

I’m enjoying my week. I got my essay handed in on Monday and I feel that I’ve been keeping on top of my reading and study ok so far.

I’ve begun working on my next essay, discussing What is the significance of the feeding miracles for Mark’s presentation of the ministry of Jesus?. I’m finding it interesting, although at the beginning there are always so many little rabbit holes to go chasing down. The essay is due in a fortnight from Monday, but I’m hoping to get it done a bit early so I can have a longer break over Easter.

Maybe I’ll post some thoughts on Mark’s Gospel soon…

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