Emma’s off to her Tuesday night Diploma of Biblical Studies Course. I’m stuck at college for a couple of hours. It’s usually a great night to get some study out of the way and get ahead for the week.
But not tonight. I’m exhausted.
I only had 3 hours sleep before Church on Sunday – I was preaching and had a lot of trouble getting words on the page. I handed in another assignment today, and was up late last night with that. The good news is that the next few weeks should be relatively plain sailing. I need to keep up with Greek and Hebrew but the reading will drop away for a little while.
The reason is that we are heading off on College mission next week. I’m travelling to the forgotten jungles of West Lindfield. It will be a strange experience being a first-year student on mission again. Our team will have a fairly quiet week. The Church is small and our team is quite large. I’ve got the opportunity to give a talk and a dialogue meeting, it’ll be nice to get back into the hands on ministry side of life. The mission is non-residential so I’ll be travelling back home each night – which makes Emma very happy.
Please pray for us, that we have a good rest, and that mission is a time of growing personally and seeing God’s kingdom extended.

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