The planning season

This week really sees the commencement of the crazy season in student ministry. It’s still a while til the students come back to Uni, O-Week is the 13th of February this year, but the work of planning and meeting with people about the year starts now.

In addition, it is the season for camps and conferences. I’m heading off on a regional Leadership Training conference this Thursday, which I’ve been involved in organising over the past few years. The following weekend Emma and I are heading to Tumut for the Riverina Christian Convention, where my Dad is speaking. We then have our annual FOCUS Vision Days which involves planning for the year ahead and getting student-leaders excited about a new year of ministry on the campus. It adds up to a lot, particularly when we haven’t fully finished unpacking our house after the big move.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to speak at the Sunday morning service of the Westminister Presbyterian Church in Belconnen. It is a wonderful and friendly congregation and I always enjoy the times that I visit. I spoke from Luke 2 about Simeon and Anna waiting in the temple. If possible I’ll get a copy of the talk to post here but for now these are my sermon notes, which I don’t always stick to well.

I found this passage a great encouragement, it is one of my favourite little scriptural cameos. Not least for the way that it raises so many questions designed to make us want to read further into the book of Luke.

Please continue to pray for us during this time.


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