The Holiness of Scripture

Read this beautiful quote from B. B. Warfield, a theologian who worked in Princeton at the turn of the 19th – 20th Century. A truly great mind, and a gentle heart for God. I got a bit emotional when I read the quote and thought about times spent reading the Bible with my mother as a child.

B. B. Warfield… our memory will easily recall those happier days when we stood as a child at our Christian mother’s knee, with lisping lips following the words which her slow finger traced upon this open page, – words which were her support in every trial and, as she fondly trusted, were to be our guide throughout life. Mother Church was speaking to us in that maternal voice, commending to us her vital faith in the Word of God. How often since then has it been our own lot, in our turn, to speak to others all the words of this life. As we sit in the midst of our pupils in the Sabbath-school, or in the center of our circle at home, or perchance at some bedside of sickness or death; or as we meet our fellow-man amid the busy work of the world, hemmed in by temptation or weighed down by care, and would fain put beneath him some firm support and stay: in what spirit do we then turn to this Bible then? With what confidence do we commend its every word to those whom we would make partakers of its comfort or of its strength? In scenes such as these is revealed the vital faith of the people of God in the surety and trustworthiness of the Word of God.
Warfield, The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible, 107

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