Growing together

Planting Trees and being towards death – authenticity, Heidegger (B&T, 321)

Root and Branch – the amount that will never be seen which holds up the top – Dickens, the undisclosed spaces in the human heart, our roots.

Where, however, it is recognized that the power of death has been broken, where the miracle of the resurrection and new life shines right into the world of death, there one demands no eternities from life. One takes from life what it offers, not all or nothing, but good things and bad, important things and unimportant, joy and pain. One doesn’t cling anxiously to life, but neither does one throw it lightly away. One is content with measured time and does not attribute eternity to earthly things. One leaves to death the limited right that it still has. But one expects the new human being and the new world only from beyond death, from the power that has conquered death. (Bonhoeffer, Ethics, 92)

Branching Out – the increasing individuality, particularity – trunk to branches to twigs – the spell that this image has cast over our self-understanding.

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