Seek the Truth - the Da Vinci Code

Well, I thought I was all done with talks for a while, but it’s never that simple. This week we decided to celebrate the arrival of the Da Vinci Code movie with a talk at FOCUS on the origins of Christianity and the claims made in the Da Vinci Code.
In the interests of research I went along to see the film last Thursday night, with members of our Bible study group. The film is ok – as a film. It drags a bit in places, but it looks pretty. We had a good chat over coffee afterwards about some of the claims about Christian history that come out of the film. The internet is awash with people ranting about the book and film, and there are also some great sites that take people through the history. Personally, I’ve just enjoyed sitting down with groups of people and having conversations about topics that most times we avoid. I’m sure that by God’s grace, these conversations are happening all over the world at the moment.
It was encouraging to see a number of visitors in FOCUS. People had brought their friends to hear a Christian perspective on Da Vinci. It shows that there is a genuine level of interest in the topic. It’s a testimony to the power of Jesus to continue to effect the lives of individuals and the sweep of history.
I’ve put the powerpoint notes I used up here. Some of the slides are from the presentation, the ones at the end I had prepared to used for answering questions. It’s saved in pdf format (and it’s still about 13MB). Feel free to use it in anyway you find helpful.

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