Review: Shenkin Cafe

In an ideal world the Australian Federal Government would establish a system similar to Medicare so that all the citizens of this country would be able to benefit from equal access to Shenkin Cafe. Yes, the plan would need to include grants for travel and accommodation for those Australians who live in regional and remote areas. And yes, this is unashamedly a form of socialised mastication. But what good is a welfare State if it really doesn’t provide those goods which lie at the very heart of WELLBEING?

To my mind, eating at Shenkin is almost certainly an implied right within the Australian Constitution. It may even actually be a form of political communication. And even if it isn’t, I can’t think of a more appropriate way to demonstrate the values of MATESHIP and a FAIRGO than spending a portion of our tax harvest making sure that the less fortunate among us have the opportunity to partake in this NATIONAL TREASURE.
Seriously, if I had to choose between a free hip-replacement and being permanently parked in a corner of Shenkin… well, it’s not really a choice is it?

Now go there.


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