Retrospect: Mission Week

Mission week is over. They gave us a couple of days off at the start of this week to recover.
Last year I led a team of student to mission at Laurieton, now I’m a first year student again and back on training wheels. It’s a strange experience. I didn’t mind not having much of a work load. Mission is a stressful time for the team leaders. It is hard to coordinate with the Church and make sure that everyone is in the right place at the right time. My perception was that this mission was no different.
It was a quiet mission week, the Church in West Lindfield is small and we had a large team. There were a number of very effective activities, and some that were just hard work and only God knows what impact we had. I was encouraged by how willing members of the Church were to invite their non-christian friends and neighbours along to events. We didn’t see all out revival in the suburb but some people are thinking further through the claims of Jesus over their life.
The highlight for me was the friendships that I’ve built with other people on the team. I’ve struggled a bit with feeling lost in all the people at College. It was nice to have a smaller group of people and get to know them well. On Thursday morning we went out for Brunch together, and there was lots of time in the afternoon for louging round the Parish Hall chatting.
Here are some photos from the Friday ‘Monster Games’ – two hours of kids club that we ran on Thursday and Friday afternoons.ParachutefundamentalistsChurch Banner
The week has made me realise again how much I miss the hands-on ministry from FOCUS. There is something infinitely rich about spending time reading the Word with people and sharing lives in prayer. It’s something that is difficult to do at College when everyone is on a similar level in understanding and overly conscious of ‘ministering’ to each other. It worthwhile being here to get the skills for future ministry, but it’s definitely not the end of the road.

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