Researching Basil

I think I have to face up to the truth that I’ve temporarily lost my love of writing. It’s been pretty choppy for the past couple of weeks. It probably has a lot to do with coming to the end of a semester at College. Hey, I’ve completed my first semester at College! I’m 1/8th of the way through. Last Friday we sat our first major, non-language exam – Biblical Theology. It was a good exam, I felt that a few things settled into place for me about BT while I was studying. Now I’m up to my eye-balls in Cappadocian Theology. Even though classes are finished for the semester, we have one last assignment: a Bibliography for Church History.
Basil FrescoEveryone has been given an individual topic to research, mine is: Basil of Caesarea’s Doctrine of Humanity.
It’s quite a lot of work, particularly ’cause wee Basil is famous for his Doctrine of the Holy Spirit – and not too many people have ever paid much attention to his Doctrine of Humanity, he might not really have had one, he might not really have been human…
Is it heretical to have a docetic Basilology?
(good grief, I bet that question has never been asked in the history of theology)

Nevertheless, It is an interesting project to research. It’s taking me into feminist theology, monasticism, Patristic Exegesis, you name it. And along the way, I’m gain a much deeper respect for those early Christian theologians. Basil the Great, is actually Great!

Here’s a quote by St Basil the Great, of Caesarea, on proto-blogging…

God who has created us has given us the use of language, that we may reveal the plans of our heart to each other and through our shared nature we may each give a share to our neighbour, as if from some treasury, showing forth our intentions from what lies hidden in our heart

he was for it.

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