Heaving lifting for The Lost

The October edition of Southern Cross (Sydney’s Anglican Newspaper) arrived yesterday – the cover story is a rev up for Connect 09 (the diocesan mission focus next year). The headline reads “C09: Hard Work Begins Now” and the byline, “As this month’s Sydney Diocesan Synod gears up for 2009’s Connect campaign, your church will be asked to start the real heavy lifting for the lost.” [italics mine].
Ouch! Probably should have thought that through before sending it out into the most pugilistic and theologically alert Anglican Diocese in the world. The problem is with the words ‘start’ and ‘real’. Surely Jesus started (and perfected) the real heavy lifting for the lost? And he didn’t use a Renta-Crane from Coates Hire – nice bit of product placement.
It’s pretty clear what is intended by the text, and normally I’d let stuff like that go through to the keeper. But Anglicans love getting the words right. It would be a shame to deprive them of a bun fight when they leave perfectly good buns just lying around. Sydney Anglicans

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