Graduation Night

Tonight Emma and I have been out at the Moore College Graduation ceremony. All students are expected to go, but this year it was special because my sister Naomi graduated with her diploma in Bible and Missions.

Graduation Night is a big deal, it’s held at Town Hall, with about 1200 people attending. I helped out as an usher so I got to hand out programmes and smile at people as they came in. It’s exciting to see the diversity of people who attend, reflecting the diversity of people graduating.

It was a long evening, as all graduations are. But, unusually, the highlight was the handing out of degrees to the graduands. This is normally the boring bit where people you don’t know process across the stage until your hands get sore from clapping. At the Moore graduation, as the graduands come up to receive their degree the Dean of Students reads out a short description of how these people are now serving God – the ministries and work in which they are involved.
It was a real buzz to hear about all the little/big communities of Jesus’ people that are meeting and growing around these people, and how many are working outside Sydney or overseas.

One of the things of which I need to be continually reminded is that our purpose at college is not primarily academic. We are studying to serve.

I get excited when I look around the lecture theatre and see one hundred people who will form new centres and nodes around which God will grow his Church,
speak his word,
change his world.

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