Geocaching around Crows Nest, Manly, Dee Why

Emma and I did some more geocaching around Sydney with Russ and Naomi yesterday. Russ and Naomi are part of a car-sharing scheme called Go-Get. They booked a Cooper-Mini for the afternoon and we hooned around in that.
Our hunt took us to St Thomas’ Cemetery in Crows Nest – there was an ammo container hidden in a bush, then we walked up into Crows Nest proper, and found our next cache on the top of a multi-storey car park near Woolworths. It was a small cache attached to a metal drainpipe with magnets. All that hard work deserved a gelato and a cold drink so we stopped off at a cafe in the main street. We then headed over to Manly, we drove out to the end of North Head – the entrance to Sydney Harbour. It is a beautiful spot. We found a cache in the bush, a little bit back along the road. Apparently the area is a bandicoot habitat (it is also a tick habitat, as Emma found out today). We finished with some pretty decent hamburgers at the beach in Dee Why.
The photos give the details.

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