I haven’t had a great deal of time to update this blog recently and again, this is only a short update to let you know what’s been going on…
We are into our second week of second term at Uni. FOCUS started again last week and it took me most of the week to get my mind back into the swing of things. Tuesday was the Anzac Day holiday and lots of students took the excuse to have most of the week off and extend their holidays. There weren’t a lot of students around the campus but it was good to see the faithful core going strong.
Our holidays were reasonably uneventful, Emma and I spent Easter in Sydney and had time with her family and my extended family. The time with my extended family was very special as my Grandma is dying of cancer, it was very special to spend some time with her.
I had the week off after Easter, Emma and I had originally planned to go away together but she was unable to get time off from her work. It’s usually pretty hard for me to have a holiday at home (it takes a surprising amount of discipline) but I did ok. I spent most days driving around the countryside and bushwalking. I found a walk to a place called Square Rock in Namadgi National Park that was spectacular. It’s now one of my favourite spots in the ACT. (If you are in town and would like to go bushwalking, let me know).
For the first 4 weeks this term I’m giving the talks in FOCUS. This is my first ever series of talks in FOCUS (as opposed to one-offs). I’ve been enjoying writing them but finding it hard to juggle the time requirements. It’s currently taking me close to 15 hours to write a talk and this has to come out of an already full timetable. Speaking of which… I’d better get back to it.
If you’d like to listen in – the talks are available here

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