Exams and Mummies

We had our final week of the Summer Greek Intensive for college last week. Today begins the real timetable with subjects other than Greek! Three Cheers anyone?
Sarcophagus PaintingLast Friday we had our exam for the Greek weeks, an exam that we have been constantly told means nothing. It was a good experience though, a chance to get used to the idea of exams again. I think the translation exercises where the highlight for most of us, it showed how far we’d come in a short time in being able to read the Greek New Testament. Praise God!
Because the exam was the only thing timetabled for the day, and most of us finished with 2 hours before lunch (have I mentioned that they give us lunch every day!!!) we just lazed around in the sun.
Dave Irving and I went for a walk around Sydney Uni and dropped in on the Classics Museum. They have lots of old Egyptian artifacts, donated from the time when it was acceptable to go to ancient countries and plunder them in the name of Science. Ah, the glory days of empire! (Good grief, is that my imbibed Anglicanism showing?)

Looking at 2000 year old mummies puts exams into perspective.

In the afternoon, Dave and I went scooting in the city to look at Motorbike shops (for him, I’m happy to Scoot). Now that’s an interesting experience…

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