Emma's New Job

Apologies for all the weird opinion posts. If you’re reading this blog to get information about what Emma and I are doing with ourselves, you probably don’t want to wade through all that.
I guess, if you don’t nail a thought down, it tends to fly off. And after a while, you don’t have any left. (I think Virginia Woolf said that, but I don’t appear to have any reason for this belief, weird)
anyway, I’m finding it useful to write some ideas down, rather than just becoming a big Moore College sponge-boy.

You will be much more interested to hear about the fact that Emma has a new job.
Circular QuayShe will be commencing at the end of March with the Sydney Diocesan Secretariat (SDS) of the Anglican Church as their Communications Officer. This is a great answer to prayer. As many of you will know, the situation at her former workplace was very difficult for her. The SDS seems like a great place to work, with other Christians, and it’s still only a 10 minute walk from home. The working hours should be a lot more reasonable, which will allow Emma more time to be involved in ministry and College, and reading for her Diploma of Biblical Studies Course. (She hasn’t told you about that has she?)

Thanks for all your prayers and love towards us.

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