Elephant Boy Cafe

On the weekend Emma and I went for a trip up to Bowral. It was nice to get away from the city and breathe some fresh air.
Bowral seems to be having an actual Autumn, unlike Sydney. The trees are turning and the air is crisp. I could smell the damp, earthy smell of the leaves on the ground. We walked around the town a while before settling into The Elephant Boy Cafe – a truly delicious spot. There are an incredible number of cafes in Bowral and the Elephant Boy is the pick of the lot. Last time we were in town we tried to eat there but the place was full, this time was nearly the same but a table became free just after we walked in. If you are ever hungry in Bowral, go here.
We walked up Mt Gibraltar – the hill looking out over Bowral and Mittagong, spent more time walking and driving around the town – there are some amazing old houses throughout the town, and finished up by going to see The History Boys at the Empire Cinema.
(Don’t bother with this film – it’s trying very hard to be clever and poignant but only ends up being immoral.)
Emma at Mt Gibraltar
Dan in the Sun

Of course, I squeezed in a few visits to second hand bookshops. I worked through all the theology shelves (quite a large collection) at Antiquariat. This is an unfailingly disappointing exercise. Antiquariat is offering 50% off all theology titles and even at that discount I couldn’t find anything worth buying. I had more pleasure in a little shop called Eccleston’s, down by the railway line. They didn’t have much in the way of non-fiction but did have a good selection of paperback novels. I picked up William Golding’s The Spire for $5. I’ve been after that one for a while.
It was a great day for unwinding, just having the physical distance from the city gave the feeling of stepping outside the pressure of daily life.
Praise God for Autumn!

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