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The Anglican Church Synod here in Sydney recently passed a resolution stating that it could see no Biblical or legal impediment to Deacons or lay people celebrating the Lord’s Supper in Anglican Churches. If you’re not an Anglican you might well be thinking, ‘Big Deal’.
And I’d agree. Anglicans are weird aren’t they?
Sydney Anglicans are the weirdest of all. They love being Anglican, but have a wonderfully idiosyncratic understanding of what that means. Honestly, I wish that Sydney Anglicanism wasn’t idiosyncratic – I wish that all Anglicans were like Sydney Anglicans. I think they are a little picture of what Anglicanism could have been if the English Church had managed to complete its Reformation.
This article is a really interesting orientation to the ‘Lay Presidency’ debate from the perspective of an American Episcopalian (the name for Anglicans when they are behind enemy lines). It’s a nice little reading of the history of Australia and of Australian Anglicanism.
I love finding out other people think about my country and my church. I like to call it, ‘Ecclesiastico-Nationalist Narcissism’.
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