Dawkins: The God Delusion

Richard Dawkins really is a Dork.
Normally I would recommend Christians engage and seek to understand those who critique Christianity. I’m a firm believer that constructive dialogue should avoid personal criticism.

But really…
Richard Dawkins is almost beyond the pale.

I haven’t read The God Delusion, which probably makes my comments invalid from the start. I have watched Dawkins a number of times on TV Panels and I’ve read one of his earlier works Unweaving the Rainbow. It sits right next to Bertrand Russell’s Why I am not a Christian on my shelf, both works are of similar logical rigour, i.e., on an intellectual par with The Wiggles.

Russell was one of the twentieth centuries great philosophers. A brilliant logician who revolutionised approaches to questions in areas including truth, language, and mathematics. But when it came to thinking about Christianity he checked his brain in at the door. He didn’t do any research or follow any of the academic principles which would have been basic in the rest of his work. Russell allowed himself to be completely blinded by prejudice. His work is really laughable, ultimately the reader feels that if these are his best reasons for not being a Christian, you would rather incline to be one.

Dawkins has all of Russell’s problems, without having made Russell’s contribution to Philosophy and human thought.

If you are interested in reading a really great and detailed critique of Dawkins latest work, check out this article from the London Review of Books. I don’t agree with everything the author says about Christianity (as far as I can make out he’s Marxist and Catholic) but it’s a well-written, well thought out response.

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