Catching Breath

Here I am again,
Mouth wide open and plunging into the Fire-hydrant of Data known to the Elderly and Infirm as the Interweb. Bless their befuddled bottoms.

I’m currently sitting in the foyer of the National Museum in Canberra, taking a small mental health break away from the South Pacific Regional Training Event (SPRTE), (Formerly known as NTE).
“What exactly is a ‘Training Event’?” You ask.
“What ever you would like it to be” I answer. That’s why it’s got a name that doesn’t tell you anything.
(It’s a Po-Mo thing, you’re probably too old/young to get it).

In the past two weeks I’ve had exams at College, we’ve moved house, I’ve had another minor drama about which Church to attend next year, and Emma’s been made redundant, all in no particular ordure. As they say in South Africa, “Hectic, mi’china”.Dr Strangelove

I’m looking forward to the next couple of days, having a break from what we conventionally designate ‘real life’ and focusing on teaching, talking, and seeing how God is at work in people’s lives around the country and our region. I had a great time at lunch chatting with Bernard, a young guy from PNG who has just finished Yr 12 and is heading to Uni. He was so excited to be here (although really tired from spending the night in Brisbane Airport) and I know that the things he learns this week will reshape the way he thinks about the Bible, God, the world, and himself. He’ll take that back to PNG and use it to change others.
For the next few days Canberra will host a splash from which ripples will spread out around the pond…

The foyer of the National Museum is a great place to sit and stare. It has cool curvy couches that look like wicket-keeping gloves that you sit deep inside. The angles of the ceiling were created using this über-cool mathemetical formula based on the negative space of a complicated knot. No two lines are the same, yet the whole thing has a symmetry.
At this point it’s tempting to say, ‘just like life’. But that has the stench of a very particular ordure. (It’s lies)
Don’t you think it’s more likely that we appreciate symmetry because it keeps the absolute assymetry of the Universe at bay?
Justification by Faith vs Parabolic Idolatry.

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