We’re back on the Air!
It’s been 20 days…
Back then, Basil was battling the Pneumatomachoi, America was celebrating its independence from Britain, and Dr Haneef had yet to reveal that Australia well on the way to being run by the Stasi.

How times change…

I’ve been on a four week break from College, which also turned out to be a Blogging Sabbath. I had no idea that such a thing existed, but apparently the Spirit rushes upon you and your Blog must lie fallow.

It’s a good thing: we were designed for rest.

Sunset BridgeThe first week of the Break was dominated by a College Bibliography Assignment on Basil of Caesarea’s Doctrine of Humanity, must of which was inflicted on the world at large through this website.
I got to spend some time with my brother Sam, who was down from Brisbane as well. We took some photos of the city lights from over at Lady Macquarie’s Chair.
Dark City

The second week was more relaxing, though I still got stuck into the books. I set myself a goal to read through the Pentateuch during the break (the first 5 books of the Bible). I got into the habit of heading down to Starbucks each morning for a couple of hours to read, then spend some time studying Greek and Hebrew. For a while there, it felt like I was getting more College work done without the annoying lectures to get in the way.
Reading large sections of the Biblical narrative is really exciting when you can find the time. Often we read small portions of the Bible and reflect on them devotionally. That’s a great practice, but it can make it hard to see the grand sweep of the Bible’s story.

I spent the third week in Canberra. Monday to Wednesday on the Focal Point – the annual Mid-Year Conference for the Uni Christian Fellowships. This was a real highlight of the Winter Break. I was able to spend time with friends from Canberra that I haven’t seen all year, and to be encouraged by brilliant Bible teaching. Most encouraging of all was to see young Christian people hungry to know God better.
The conference focussed on the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit (the reason why so many Blog posts where along those lines as well). There is a real need for Christians to be thinking hard, talking, and teaching each other about the Holy Spirit.
We live by the Spirit

After Focal Point and the time in Canberra, Emma and I snuck off to Tumut for the weekend.

The final week I was back into the books, and trying to get my head around Hebrew for a Class Test this Friday.

It was a full few weeks, I read, thought, met, travelled…
I didn’t write.
Now I will.

“If we live by the Spirit, we must also follow the Spirit.” (Gal 5:25 HCSB)

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