Anna's Creed

Anna has started a really interesting discussion on Creeds.
What would you include in a Creed if you were writing one for today?
I’m thinking it over at the moment.
Head over to her blog and contribute your thoughts.

this does not mean that I condone this activity in the slightest. It has more than a little stench of sulpher whiffing around. Writing your own creed is definitely the pasttime of heretics.
As yet she remains unrepentant for her slanderous remarks about Anglican Church trained theologians – for which her blog was smitten with a Spirit of Muteness so that she might be,
Ever Writing and Never Blogging.

If she turns you into a little Marcionite or Arian (as I suspect she might), well it’s on your own head. I can’t be held responsible as you were predestined to fall away anyway…

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