An important Clarification...

It has come to my attention that some people may have been misled into thinking that I was referring to lecturers at Moore Theological College when I began to lambast the Spawn of Socrates in my previous post…
All I can do is express my UTTER HORROR at such a suggestion. No one educated in those august halls could imagine any of the esteemed Doctors of Learning being so gauche.

And to anyone else who might be tempted to make such slanderous accusations, I say this: certain classroom incidents that may, perhaps, have appeared to provide some refuge for such beliefs are revealed upon closer inspection to be subtle and deeply ironic subversions of the received pedagogical tradition.

Furthermore, the example question given in the previous post regarding the Prophet Jeffaniah is, I’m reasonably sure, something I heard while visiting SMBC (Sydney Missionary Bible College) and is CERTAINLY NOT a question on the 2nd Year Old Testament Exam.
(Besides, everyone at Moore College knows that the Prophet Jeffaniah didn’t actually build a replica temple out of toothpicks. The work is really a late 2nd Century Jewish satire about Persian oral hygiene)

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