An ampler physics

Les Murray has this great poem – a tribute to The Fat. Les Murray
It’s not really possible to describe, so go and look it up. It’s called ‘Quintets for Robert Morley’ you’ll find it in New Selected Poetry or Learning Human or The People’s Otherworld and probably other places. Even better, click here and you can even listen to Les read it for you.
I love that he wrote a tribute to the fat, and that he wrote it in Quintets – the fifth line being just a little bit more than usual, hanging over the top of the belt.
As someone with an expanding paunch and a sometimes heavy soul, I find the final quintet satisfying:

“So much climbing, on a spherical world;
had Newton not been a mere beginner at gravity
he might have asked how the apple got up there
in the first place. And so might have discerned
an ampler physics.”

(Les Murray, Quintets for Robert Morley, New Selected Poems)

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