William Perkins

I’m currently up to my eyeballs in reading for the Reformed Greats intensive unit at College. I was doing some research on William Perkins when I came across this little gem describing Perkins’ preaching:

“He used to apply the terrors of the law so directly to the consciences of his hearers, that their hearts would often sink under their convictions; and he used to pronounce the word “damn” with so peculiar an emphasis, that it left a doleful echo in their ears a long time after.”

After reading his description of God damning infants, it’s not hard to understand why his preaching left such an impression. William PerkinsBut lest you think that Perkins was a man consumed by visions of hellfire without a consciousness of God’s comfort in Christ, it’s worth knowing that he was renowned for his pastoral work. He began his ministry preaching to prisoners in Cambridge goal, without pay, simply because he cared for them. He famously led a young condemned man to the comfort of faith by kneeling beside him and crying with him to ‘”show what the grace of God can do to strengthen thee.”

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